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We are a low cost alternative to high health care costs providing quality care at affordable prices.

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Acute medical problems and injuries need immediate conventional care but most health problems and injuries are non-life threatening.    


Common conditions like colds, flu, fever, simple body pain does not require going to see a doctor. The WOW Clinic provides routine physicals, vaccinations,

drug screenings, blood testing, x-rays, lab work, and minor laceration repair.


Paying high out-of-pocket medical and healthcare deductables stop when you pay as you go here at WOW! Click here for more information


The power to self-heal is within every human being to some degree. An integrative, science-based health care approach that incorporates individually tailored physiological and psychological assessments by physician directed licensend

health care professionals.



First and foremost we are committed to all our patients health care needs.


In the workplace and in our treatment center our medical and clinical professionals pledge to provide timely, quality non-critical urgent care and treatment. We pledge to provide all health services at affordable rates.


Do not discount the importance of having a medical doctor to call when the reality of  treating a complex, chronic disease, serious injury or any acute medical problem becomes known.


Our goal is lower family and individual

health care costs.


We see the future of healthcare and are in it now.

Ask yourself  “How much have you been overpaying for health care?”

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Workplace Occupational & Wellness BEST immediate-care in Columbus, IN

The WOW Factor

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