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We are a low cost alternative to high health care costs providing quality care at affordable prices.

Step Towards Savings!

When you partner with WOW, you have the benefit of “one-stop shopping.” We provide all of your occupational health needs such as drug screenings, injury management, and wellness and health education services.


The foundation of our program is a commitment to the principles of healthcare excellence. Employers appreciate our knowledge, expertise, regular communication, service and ease of access.


We know that every organization is different. That's why we create personalized programs to meet the unique needs of each organization we work with. Our team of occupational health and wellness professionals will work with you to develop a results-oriented program.


Primary Health care & Treatment-Learn More

We book same day appointments and we are dedicated to keeping appointments ON TIME. No more long hours of waiting. We are committed to quality personal healthcare and treatment. As medical and clinical professionals, we pledge to provide timely, quality health care at affordable fees.


Workers' Comp Illness/Injury Management-Learn More

Any workplace injury, regardless of the perceived seriousness, needs professional medical attention to determine severity and treatment options. We can diagnose, treat and have the employee back to productive work faster and for less medical cost than

traditional options.


Wellness Programs-Learn More

That’s where WOW excels!


We work with you to keep your employees healthy. We guide businesses down the path of practicing “Proactive” versus “Reactive” health care, resulting in tangible and significant reductions in health care cost.


Click here to learn more about the WOW Care Plan

Choose WOW and reduce your employee healthcare costs significantly!

10 Reasons Why ANY Company Should Switch to WOW...


1. Tangible & Significant reduction of health care costs can be achieved with “PROACTIVE CARE” versus “REACTIVE CARE”.


2. Convenient employee access to heath care professionals who understand workplace concerns and on-the-job injuries.


3. Medical screening, health education classes and job safety training result in decreased lost work time, decreased disability claims and a decrease in

overall health claims.


4. Employers and employees benefit from continuity of employee care through enhanced communications with WOW Health care Professionals.


5. Recognition of early negative health conditions  and detection of possible disease.


6.Reduction and visits and follow up visits to costly medical doctor offices, hospitals, ER Treatment Facilities and Hospital Owned Urgency Care Facilities for minor injuries and illnesses.


7. No co-pay for employee visits to The WOW Clinic.


8. Shorter office visits to The WOW Clinic means less time away from the job.


9. Multi-expertise-Team approach for difficult cases helps to isolate the problems before they become  costly health care claims.


10. The WOW Clinic is a woman owned local heath care business. We are not associated with any local, state or national healthcare business.

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Workplace Occupational & Wellness

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